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Client Testimonials

We are OVERTON/STIFF Professional Anestesia Services, P.A. with 6 full time CRNAs. We have been a CRNA only business for 18 years. We joined Intermountain Management Services 6 years ago, and we are thrilled with their staff and our returns. We had been charged up to as much as 28% on collections prior to joining IMS. IMS's fees are reasonable and the service is excellent. We have a complicated practice; we have 42 surgeons and 18 different sites from OB/Gyn, Dental offices, Plastic Surgery Clinics, to free standing ASCs, along with several large Medicare contracts. IMS has done a wonderful job negotiating, tracking, and collecting. We would highly recommend their services.

--Marguerite Overton, CRNA, MS, APPN, President
OVERTON/STIFF Professional Anesthesia Services, P.A.

I have had the pleasure of working with Intermountain Management Services for the past 3 ½ years. I cannot express how valuable the staff at IMS has been with everything from their assistance with the start up of my new business to the help they provided with the implementation of our regular business practices and policies. IMS handled all of the arrangements for the insurance contracts and obtained all of my insurance identification numbers. They have managed my account with timeliness, efficiency, and professionalism. They have provided many beneficial suggestions for collections. Our experience has been that this company is willing to go the extra mile for us and have far exceeded our expectations.

--Margaret Leverett, RNCNP, PLLC

Intermountain Management has continually provided accurate and timely billing for our group. They resolve any patient issues and are always meeting the patients' needs.

--Madison Anesthesia Services

All the folks at IMS are an essential part of my practice. They work hard to maximize my collections. They are always available for my questions. And most importantly, they treat my patients with dignity and respect. For the last ten years, I have never thought of going anywhere else.

--Charles Payne, MD